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Vintage and Antique Ceramic Piggy Banks Price Guide - PIGS

Vintage and Antique Ceramic Piggy Banks Price Guide - PIGS
Vintage and Antique Ceramic Piggy Banks Price Guide - PIGS

Antique Stoneware Spongeware Piggy BankAmerican Bisque Indented Dot Dancing Pig Piggy BankHuge 1950s Carnival Prize Chalkware Piggy Bank
Antique Stoneware Spongeware Piggy Bank 4 InchDeForest "For My Baby" Piggy BankQuimper Decor Fleuri Royal Piggy Bank
Vintage Yellow Daisy Piggy BankAntique Victorian Porcelain Pig Head Piggy Bank Stack of Piggies Ceramic Piggy Bank
Vintage Pig Head Piggy BankHull #196 Brown Sitting Piggy Bank with White DripHall Red Poppy Corky Piggy Bank
Vintage Yellow Ware Piggy Bank - Cream with Brown and GreenStack of Piggies Piggy Bank
SOLD for $15 in 2011
Hull #196 Sitting Piggy Bank with Yellow Drip
American Bisque Pottery 3-Leaf Clover Piggy BankVintage Hole-Eyed Stoneware Piggy BankShawnee Winnie Piggy Bank Cookie Jar
Hull Corky Piggy Bank Yellow/Blue BullseyeHull Corky Piggy Bank Yellow/Blue BullseyeAntique Yellow Ware Slip Glaze Pottery Piggy Bank
Quimper Henriot Piggy BankBotay Hand Painted Piggy Bank by Uhl PotteryVintage Porcelain Piggy Bank Hand Painted by Quimper for Tiffany
Vintage Hull Brown and Blue Razorback Piggy Bank #197Vintage Chinese Cloisonne Piggy BankShawnee Windfall Winnie Piggy Bank Cookie Jar
Scarce Blue Mountain Art Pottery Piggy BankHull Dime Piggy BankAPCO Little Girl Pig Piggy Bank
Southern Folk Art Pottery Piggy BankVintage Chalkware Piggy BankVintage Hull Brown/Cream Corky Piggy Bank
Shy Pig Bank from Rio HondoHull Light Green Corky Piggy Bank with Apple StopperM. A. Hadley Piggy Bank - Cobalt Flowers
Vintage Chalkware Piggy Bank from 1960sBaby's First Tiffany Polka Dot Piggy BankHuge Vintage Chalkware Piggy Bank
Blue Peace Sign Piggy Bank1957 Hull Corky Bullseye Piggy Bank Pink and GreenVintage Chalkware Piggy Bank GMG Art 203
Vintage 1981 Miss Piggy BankBROWN & BLUE 1952 HULL CORKY PIGGY BANK American Bisque Upside Down Pig Piggy Bank
1957 Hull Corky Pink and Blue Piggy Bank With Bullseye DesignVintage Hull Brown/Turquoise Drip Sitting Pig Piggy Bank #196Vintage Shawnee Smiley Piggy Bank Cookie Jar
Vintage Hull Corky Piggy Bank with Gold Accents1957 Hull Corky Piggy BankVintage Collectible Austrian Pottery Piggy Bank
Pink Peace Sign Piggy Bank
Out of Stock
Irish Shamrock Ceramic Piggy BankRare Antique English Piggy Bank
Pretty Collectible Piggy Bank with Feather Hat
SOLD for 34.00 in 2012
1957 Hull Corky Piggy Bank with Diamond StudsVintage Cobalt Blue Piggy Bank
Dark Brown Charles Lisk Pottery Piggy BankVan Tellingen Piggy Banks and Salt and Pepper ShakersUhl Pottery Botay Hand Painted Pouncing Porker Piggy Bank
Green Kaleidoscope Piggy BankAntique 1906 Piggy Bank1957 Hull Corky Tan Piggy Bank
Ceramic Piggy Bank with Red Flowers and BowVintage 1930s Quimper Breton Piggy BankUhl pottery Cents 4 Defense Bank
1957 Hull Green Corky Piggy BankAntique Piggy Purse Piggy BankVintage Siegel Cooper Santa Claus Advertising Bank
1957 Hull Pink and Gray Corky Piggy BankG DeBrekht Handpainted Russian Christmas Santa Piggy BankCollectible Black and White Baby Piggy Bank
SOLD for $24 in 2011
Antique Austria Stoneware Spongeware Piggy BankVintage Spongeware Hole- Eyed Piggy BankVintage Large Carlton Ware Rising Hawk Piggy Bank
Pig with Pacifier Cookie Jar/Bank HeadCeramic Piggy Bank with Flower DesignVintage "Skedaddle" Razor Bank
Corning Ware Blue Cornflower Piggy Bank Vintage Large Ceramic Piggy Bank with Pink BowVintage 1950s Swedish Folk Art Piggy Bank
Harley Davidson Vintage and Collectible Piggy Banks ValuesBlue Willow Stacked Pigs Piggy BankVINTAGE STANGL PENNSYLVANIA TULIP PIGGY BANK
1995 Rowe Pottery Stoneware Piggy BankBrush McCoy Razorback Piggy BankAntique Roseville Brown Piggy Bank
Vintage Bennington Stoneware Piggy Bank Antique Cream/Brown/Blue Stoneware Spongeware Piggy BankVintage Stangl Pottery Blue Piggy Bank
Porky Crockett Bank Head Cookie JarJay Strongwater Pink Piggy BankCardew/Border Fine Arts Piggy Bank
Brush McCoy Standing Pig BankRoyal Copley For My Cadillac Piggy BankAntique Roseville Pig on Base
Vintage SYLVAC China Piggy BankVintage Lefton China Porcelain Piggy BankRoyal Copely Pig with Bow Tie Bank
Antique Roseville Pottery Piggy BankAntique Gold and Brown Hole-Eyed Piggy Bank with No HolesPorky Crockett Cookie Jar/Bank Head
Royal Copley Pig With Top Hat Piggy BankAntique Green Pottery Piggy BankVintage Lefton Pink Jeweled and Flowered Piggy Bank
For Your Rainy Day BankVintage American Bisque Baby Bank with DiaperAntique Slip Glaze Spongeware Piggy Bank from Austria
Hall China Jewel Tea "Autumn Leaf" Corky Piggy BankMarie Rogers Signed and Stamped Piggy BankAntique Slip Glaze Spongeware Yelloware Piggy Bank
Lefton China Piggy Bank Gold Crown markVintage Mason City Iowa Centennial Pottery Piggy BankJohn Deere Stoneware Piggy Bank
Old Folk Art Ceramic or Chalkware Piggy Bank on PedestalTLAQUEPAQUE VINTAGE POTTERY PIG BANKAntique Southern Pottery Piggy Bank
Joe Reinhardt Folk Pottery Piggy BankOld Hull Oven Proof Brown Spotted Glaze Piggy BankAntique Spongeware Pig Piggy Bank
Mr. Pig Bank1958 Van Tellingen Bendel Hugging Pigs BanksAntique Stoneware Bennington Glaze Piggy Bank
Antique Stoneware Bennington Glaze Piggy Bank1983 Breininger Redware Pottery Piggy BankVintage 1960s Chalkware Cowboy Piggy Bank
Vintage German Pig with Treasure Chest Piggy BankOld Stoneware Piggy BankPig with Pacifier Bank Head Cookie Jar
Smiley's Stash Gold Trim Piggy Bank Cookie JarAntique Stoneware Drip-Glaze 5" Pottery Piggy BankCorning Cornflower Design Piggy Bank
1991 Cleater and Billie Meaders Piggy BankCharles Lisk Pottery Bank "Brother Can You Spare a Dime"Shawnee Piggy Bank Cookie Jar
Vintage 1957 Hull Corky Piggy Bank with Original CorkEarly Hole-Eye Piggy Bank from CzechoslovakiaAntique Stoneware Drip Piggy Bank
American Bisque Attitude Pig Piggy BankPink Peace Sign in a Heart Piggy Bank1983 Corning Ware Spice of Life Piggy Bank
Vintage 1957 Hull Corky Piggy Bank Predominantly BlueRocky Point Park Piggy BankANTIQUE  STONEWARE PIGGY BANK
American Bisque Girl Wall Hanging BankAmerican Bisque Boy Wall Hanging BankVintage Gray 1957 Hull Corky Piggy Bank
Antique Stoneware Spongeware Piggy Bank 2007 Wells Fargo Chinese New Year Edition Piggy BankWoody, First Piggy Bank in the NatWest Series
Annabel, Second Piggy Bank in the NatWest SeriesMaxwell, Third Piggy Bank in the NatWest SeriesLady Hilary, Fourth Piggy Bank in the NatWest Series
Sir Nathaniel, Fifth Piggy Bank in the NatWest SeriesCousin Wesley, Sixth Piggy Bank in the NatWest SeriesVintage Carlton Ware Piggy Bank
MCCOY POTTERY - Porcelain, Ceramic, and Stoneware Piggy BanksAntique Pottery/Stoneware/Spongeware Piggy BankFRANCISCAN WARE - Porcelain, Ceramic, and Stoneware Piggy Banks
Lefton China Piggy Bank