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DOG - Animal Themed Gifts and Collectibles

DOG - Animal Themed Gifts and Collectibles
DOG - Animal Themed Gifts and Collectibles

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DOG-Metal Stone Colored Dog Clock
Yellow Tin Welcome Dog
Out of Stock
Tin Button Dog
DOG-Dog Figurine Electric Luminary
Dog Lover Ornament Gift
Puppy Mug
Life's Ruff Coffee Mug
DOG-Dog Figurine Desk Clock
DOG-Dog Figurine Fan
DOG-Decorative Dog Fan
Bulldog Bank
Bulldog Cookie Jar
Bulldog Figurine
Bulldog Mug
Bulldog Salt and Pepper Shakers
Sold Out
Brown Bulldog
Out of Stock
7 1/2" Plush White Bulldog with Cap
5" Plush Lil Bulldog
10" Plush Graduation Bulldog
Blue and White Puppy Planter
Pink and White Puppy Planter
Dark Chocolate Lab Sitting
Out of Stock
Dark Chocolate Lab Lying
My Kids Have Paws Ornament
Basset Hound Dog Bank
Black and White Spotted Dog Piggy Bank
Sold Out
Brown Dog Piggy Bank
Sold Out
Cream and Brown Spotted Dog Piggy Bank
Mini Dog Piggy Bank
Personalized Silver Plated Doghouse Coin Bank
Dog Angel Charm
12" Plush Lying Puppy
11" Plush Brown and Black Puppy
10" Plush Little Cream Puppy
11" Plush Spunky Puppy
8" Plush Ollie Puppy
8" White and Brown Puppy
7" Plush Ringo Puppy
Plush Gus Dog
18" Plush Cream and Beige Lying Puppy
11" Plush Jayden Puppy
12" Plush Floppy Freddie Puppy
12" Plush Rainbow Puppy
8" Plush Sweetheart Poodle in Choice of Colors
9" Plush Black and White Valentine Puppy
11" Plush Artie Puppy
VINTAGE White Terrier Bank with Welcome Sign
VINTAGE 1974 Royalty Industries Dog Bank
I talk to him when I'm lonesome like;

And I'm sure he understands.

When he looks at me so attentively,

And gently licks my hands;

Then he rubs his nose on my tailored clothes,

But I never say naught thereat.

For the good Lord knows

I can buy more clothes,

But never a friend like that.

~W. Dayton Wedgefarth